Color Skim Coat​

With Smooth texture that comes in variety of colors, such as white and grey. This product can be used with interior wall plastering and give your wall a natural touch with no painting color needed.​

Dry Motar

Dry mortar is also one of our specialties and we also provide certain types of cement that can be easily used by adding only water. Our product range includes mortar for general plastering, masonry, and skim coating.​

Grey Cement Clinker​

Grey Cement Clinker is the most commonly used cement and our clinker provides high compressive strength. Our product conforms to the American Standard: ASTM C 150 / BS-12 type I.​

Grey, White Skim Coat

Ideal for Super Smooth Finishing with Extra Thin Layer, special additive formulated for Interior & Exterior applications varying from 1-3 mm. It covers minor imperfections, corrects surface unevenness of raw concrete and plastered surfaces to achieve a smooth surface.​

Ordinary Portland cement​

Our product conforms to the American Standard: ASTM C 150 / BS-12 type I. We provide OPC Type I, CEM II 42.5, and Mixed Cement Our ordinary portland cement lineup is made up of the SCG brand and MONTANIA brand.​

SCG Concrete Fabric

A revolutionary new class of construction material; SCG Concrete Textiles or Concrete Canvas are made of cement base and fiber technology. It can be used to form channel lining, slope, and refurbish existing concrete structures suffering from environmental degradation and cracking.

Texture Render

This textured finishing cement is used for top layer to produce colored and textured finishing. This product can be used for both interior and exterior walls. No wall painting needed. The product also comes in variety of colors to meet your specific needs and design.

Tile Adhesive

Tile adhesive is a specialty product that has high bonding qualities that form a strong bond between the surface and tiles. We have a wide variety of tile adhesives for different floor surfaces such as marble, granite, ceramic tiles, and tile on a tile.​

Tile Grout​

Tile Grout is a high-quality grout used for joining ceramic floors and walls, pottery tiles, mosaic tiles, marble or granite and sanitary ware, for both the interior and exterior. Tile grout is extremely strong and is resistant to water and erosion.​

White Cement Clinker

White Cement Clinker is used for decorative work that demands durability as well as the freedom to create. White Cement Clinker can be used for structural works, sculptures, terrazzo, white concrete, and other decorative works that feature long-lasting intricate designs.

White Mixed Cement

SCG F1-Mixed Cement is ideal for fixing and grouting flooring and wall materials such as ceramic, marble and granite tiles. With strong Adhesion, moderate setting time and low expansion.

White Ordinary Portland cement

White Ordinary Portland Cement is excellent for work that demands a long lasting finish with the freedom to create. They can be used for sculptural works, sculptures, terrazzo, and other decorative works that are durable & intricate in design.

We are SCG International Co, Ltd certified that SJS Caribbean Co., Ltd. is the Sole Exclusive Importer and Distributor for the Caribbean countries such as Construction Supplies, Home Supply Products, Insudtrial Related Materials, Energy Vehicles, Home Devices and other Consumer Products.

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